Portland Urban Farm Project


2012 Update:

Here are a few organizations that are accomplishing some of the ideas that are listed below. I thank the community of Portland for teaching me so much during my time in the city:

Kitchen Commons matches kitchen resources with community need, making it affordable and practical to cook healthy food, putting the dream of a food business in reach of low-income entrepreneurs, and advocating for food justice.

Farm My Yard

Connecting Urban Farmers with Land to Farm
  1. Print out or Buy “Farm My Yard” Sign
  2. Place sign in a visible place
  3. Potential neighbor/farmer is attracted to farming your yard
  4. Use agreement which comes with sign, or use one provided below
  5. Your yard gets farmed, everyone wins!


The Portland Urban Farm Project‘s mission is:

  1. To grow food locally within neighborhoods
  2. To share resources
  3. To build community

The following initiatives are goals of the Portland Urban Farm Project:

  • Growing food on unused neighborhood plots of land such as personal yards, churches, schools and tearing up pavement/parking lots
  • Developing neighborhood CSAs and/or farm stand produce markets within neighborhoods
  • Creating tool libraries – sharing resources and tools within neighborhoods. Help start a Tool Library in your neighborhood!  Learn about finances, fund-raising, outreach, publicity, technology, volunteer coordination and placemaking from other local tool libraries.
  • Setting up community dinners for sharing food among neighbors
  • Building commercial kitchen for use by moderate or low-income community members seeking to establish their own food busines
  • Transforming yards into gardens – Offering fee-for-service projects for local landscape architects
  • Saving seeds for use in the community for developing more urban farms
  • Delivering food by bicycle for environmental considerations and to cut down on costs

The Portland Urban Farm Project addresses the following to build community:

  • Food security
  • Resource sharing
  • Education
  • Job creation

Contact me if you have a yard to contribute to growing food, would like to be a CSA member and/or interested in helping as a volunteer of the CSA. I will also be starting an internship program as well as a 10 month Tool Librarian program.

Send me ideas, thoughts or connections to people, organizations or businesses that might be interested in getting involved.

Thank you!

In cooperation,
Bob New