2014 Earth Day Startup


Earth Day needs your help to get started!
I have done a bunch of behind-the-scenes work this past week to get ready and now would like to go LIVE with the Earth Day website and start accepting booth registration payments.

I would like to accept short-term LOANS (3-4 weeks) or GIFTS for a few items to get the “Portland Earth Day Coalition” as a business off the ground. As I am starting this new venture, I am a bit short on funds and will be able to pay back any loans within a month as booth registration for the event starts coming in (see budget for 2014 Earth Day below):

Click on any of the links below the item to go to paypal page

– Website & hosting = $200

Screenshot 2014-02-15 at 11.37.07 AM

– Google apps and domain = $12 + $50

– Register business name with state of OR = $100

– Mailbox for business = $55

2014 Earth Day Budget at Kenton Park

Booth Sponsor $4,200 (70 booths@$60) $60-75 = Booth space (for non-vendors & non-profits)
Vending Sponsor $2,500 25 booths @$100 $100-150 = Booth space (for non-food vendors)
Food Vending Sponsor $1,600 8 booths @$200 $200-250 = Booth space (for food vendors)
Event Sponsor $600 3 booths @$200 $200-350 = Booth space, logo & link on our website
Community Sponsor $500 1 booths @$500 $500-750 Booth space in high traffic area, logo on poster, and logo & link on website
Earth Sponsor $1,000 1 booths @$1000 All of above + appreciation announcements from the main stage + logo on T-shirt

TOTAL Booths $10,400

Donations/Crowdsource funding $2,000
Grants $1,500 East Mult. Soil & Water grant ($1500 in past)

Total Income $13,900

Park Fee $2,200 Rental of Kenton Park
Licenses and Permits $500 $279 Parks service for application processing permits, $250 sound permit, car rentals at $60 per car for loading in park
Entertainment $2,000
Sound $600
Solar Power $200
Toilets & Trash $750
Coordinators / Contractors / Employees $3,725
Coord Taxes $351
Admin fee $695
Insurance $710
Posters/postcards $500
Other Advertising $575
Tent Rental $250

Total Expense $13,056

NET $844


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