Bob New is an Urban Activist in Portland, OR.

My experience includes:

– Farmers’ market manager and volunteer of Oregon Farmers’ Market Association.  I have been a Portland resident for 13 years and continue to find joy in the extraordinary community here. (Market Manager, Interstate Farmers’ Market)

– Finance/Development Manager, Alberta Co-op Grocery

– Earth Day Coordinator 2006-2008, The City Repair Project

– Volunteer Coordinator, North Portland Tool Library

I am passionate about food and living a simple, sustainable lifestyle.

Contact: Bob New (enter information in the box below)

Phone: 503-757-2469



23 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Barrett Hafner

    Hi Bob,
    I am a recent UO graduate that just moved to portland and I am interested in volunteering at some urban farms in the area. If you have any information on where i should start i would really appreciate it!
    Barrett Hafner

    • portlandurbanfarmproject

      Hi Barrett,
      I would check in with Zenger Farm, 47th Ave Farm and Tryon Farm to start… I think 2 of the 3 are non-profits.


  2. Sarah Torinus

    hi bob – my garden internship at tryon farm is finished at the end of feb. and i’m wondering if you know of any urban farm/garden internships in portland that are also work trade? i read that you will be starting an internship program at urban farm project – where can i get more information on that? thanks a lot and be well. Sarah Torinus

  3. Hi Bob,
    Just to refresh your memory we know each other from exchange cycle tours. So my reason for contacting you is to maybe find some time to talk to you about Transition PDX a small group of people who have brought the Transition Town Initiative to Portland, OR.
    You can learn more at our website above and you can go to http://www.transitiontowns.org. to learn more on what the movement is all about. What you are doing with the urban farm idea fits right in with one of the underlying strategies of transition towns to build local resilience. I know you are always a very busy person, but I hope you can make some time so we can chat. I can go wherever to meet with you (please not to far though I am car free now and like to travel by bike).
    Steve Couche

  4. jared stiffler

    Hey, I want to get involved. I’ve got some land, fruit trees, gardening experience, and many of the same ideas and passions, all the way down to the bikes! Tried to go to a meeting last night at Peoples but showed up late and it was too crowded. Thought that was a possitive sign.

  5. Colin Boggess

    hey bob. thanks for taking part in the round table last night. we didn’t get a chance to meet, but i really value the work you’re doing and would love to connect sometime.



  6. Rebecca Rosman

    Hello Barrett-
    – If NE 11th & Fremont is close for you – There is a community supported agriculture garden called Ariadne. I’m not certain if there are volunteer spots available currently. Call Kim McDodge, head gardener at 503 284-7116. This site tells the history of Ariadne Garden.
    OSALT is the Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust. Kim Dodge has donated her land- a 2 house lot size garden – for permanent agriculture use. It will never be built on. Yea!
    Best wishes – you’re gonna love it here.

  7. Hello Bob,

    What a wonderful Project you have created!

    I wanted to let you know about a national campaign I am spearheading to help document the move towards growing more of our food closer to home. As you know, as the economic challenges continue to grow, more and more Americans are considering getting involved in local food production.

    As a way to help to accelerate this trend, we have started a very simple campaign called “One Million Gardens” who’s goal is:

    To identify, encourage, and document the creation of at least 1,000,000 food gardens throughout the U.S. in 2009.

    I was curious if you would take a look at the site, add your garden to the list, and let others know about this campaign. It is also my hope that we can show the Obama administration the growing numbers of people involved in this work and help shift national policies to help encourage these activities.

    Thank you for your work and I hope you will encourage others to add their gardens to this growing list.


  8. Paul Hess

    Hi Bob, what you are working sounds very exciting. I have worked in restaurants for ten years but am looking to realign how I serve people. I have started planning to start or work with an organization focused on bringing the best( local, sustainable, healthful, excellent quality) food to those who need it instead of those few who can afford it. I would enjoy sitting down with you and talking about what you’re doing, what I’m planning and seeing if we can network collaborate.

  9. Gary Marschke


    Send me your email – I’d like to connect you with Project Blue Door in King neighborhood – it’s a pilot project funded by a small ONI grant. Among other things, they plan to plant food gardens in residential back yards for seniors & disabled and need some guidance.


  10. Lisa Zuniga

    Dear Bob: My husband and I recently bought an empty lot adjacent to our home in Mt Tabor. It’s huge, and west facing, and has a large plot that was gardened years ago. My husband has been clearing it, and we’re interested in talking to you about the possibility of working with your group to plant and tend a garden. Please email me and let me know if that’s something you would like to talk about!

  11. Chelsea


    I’m currently a first-year at Oberlin College, and I’m looking to be in the Portland area for the summer. Though I don’t know much about gardening in particular, I’m really interested in food activism, organic agriculture, and community organizing. It would be great to be able to work with your organization on some sort of intensive project for the summer.

    I’d love to work something out!


  12. Sheena Nelson

    Hello Bob,
    I think the biggest problem we face in urban gardening is the lack of space. I think we need to take a cue from the real-estate business, and look up! When you run out of horizontal room you must go vertical. I would like to know if you know of anyone in the Portland area who is evolved in roof-top gardening. There are so many commercial and residential properties that could be used to feed local food banks and the likes. I would like to get involved with an organization that is tackling this subject.
    Thank you,

  13. Kaitlynn

    Dear Bob,
    I’m working as an intern on a farm in Colorado right now, and I’m trying to zero in on opportunities for urban farming, particularly over the winter, and, if possible, a place geared toward making good local produce available to those in the lower income bracket. Do you know where I should start looking?

  14. bob,
    i am the urban agriculture coordinator from the genesee county land bank in flint michigan.
    i will be making a trip to portland to see some of the amazing things your city is doing with urban farming. i would love to get in contact with you and volunteer/tour some of the gardens you are working on.
    we do community gardens on vacant city owned lots, and the interest has sky rocketed over the last couple years. we strive to achieve all that portland has and i would love to learn about who what when where why and how you do what you do.

    please contact me at your convienence.

  15. Jeremiah Centrella

    Hi Barrett,

    You are right about the great community we have in Portland. I am an attorney intersted in volunteering my time to promote the urban farming cause. Please let me know if you come across any opportunities for an attorney/urban gardner to provide pro bono assistance.


  16. Hello my name is Jacque and I am trying desperately to get in touch with a work-trade farm, garden intentional community etc. for my daughter and I to come stay at for any where from 2 weeks to two months if it all works out well.
    Can any one direct me to these places near Portland? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  17. Concordia Montessori in NE Portland is in the beginning phase of adding an urban farming component at our new 3-6 location. We are recruiting volunteers in exchange for room/board (we are registered with WWOOF). Volunteers will need to be registered with the Oregon Criminal Background Registry. Interested individuals can e-mail alineochun@gmail.com

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